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Pygmalion by Chihiro Watanabe

The moment I saw this cover I was intrigued by it. I’m a horror fan as it is, especially when it’s a visual novel or manga! So I pretty much binge-read the entire 3 volumes in one sitting.

Author: Chihiro Watanabe
Publishing date: January 1st, 2015
Publisher: Komikku
Genre: Horror, thriller, psychological
ISBN13: 9781631406287
Volumes: 3 Chapters: 19
My rating: 4/5

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At the National Local Mascot Festival, children all across Japan can meet their favorite local mascots. But as the festival gets underway, it becomes clear that what’s inside these costumes aren’t people – they’re something much darker, with a taste for human flesh. Amid the chaos spreading through the entire country, Keigo Ayahara, his little brother Makoto, and his friend Ako must now fight for their survival and their humanity.

Let me start this review with saying that this manga is not for everybody. It has a lot of blood and guts being thrown around and let’s just say it is a pretty gorey manga. I personally thought it was quite genre-appropiate but I can imagine it rubbing some people the wrong way. The shock value is high thanks to this, so please consider that before starting this manga.

What got me to read this manga was the genre and the artwork. The cover looked really good and right up my alley, so I picked this manga up. The story inside didn’t disappoint. It starts out rather innocent, with a 3rd person storytelling which already gives you the ‘something is off’ vibe. I was not wrong, let me tell you that.

The story quickly takes a turn for the worst and the bloodshed start. The story is based of a greek Myth of Pygmalion. I absolutely love how they tied that myth into the story. However, the manga could have been better if it was a bit longer. It felt very rushed, which is such a waste of a good storyline. The story is not bad at all, it just goes wáy too fast.

The characters really lure you in and sometimes you can really taste their anger or fear. I love it when manga make me feel like that! What surprised me the most was that dead was not used as a shock-factor but as a plot-device! Every death drove the story further. Really well done!

All together it’s a really nice horror manga, with the only downside being it’s pacing. Other than that really worth a read if you like horror!

2 thoughts on “Pygmalion by Chihiro Watanabe”

  1. I was hooked after the first chapter. You’re right when you say it’s not for everyone, but if you can handle the gore I definitely recommend it.

    It’s short, but the artwork and the characters seem to be a great fit. Plus the eeriness hits you right from the first chapter.

    Thanks for the recommendation

  2. Too gory sometimes can be a bit much for me, but there are reads that are just too intriguing to pass up . . . This one sounds cool and the myth part really piqued my curiosity! Also, I love Manga, so that is another reason why I might try this one at some point 😉 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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